The three C’s of PR you need to look out for

PR isn’t easy. In fact, out of all the different marketing tactics out there, PR could be one of the most difficult. Perhaps not difficult like engineering is difficult. But remaining relevant in the news and amongst the social network of individuals isn’t easy. Today I want to teach you the single most important secret to being more successful in PR.

Without question, current technology around us has significantly changed the practice of public relations. Stakeholder targeting has become more specific, new channels have emerged, and conversations have replaced simple news delivery. It has been transformative—though maybe not entirely. The keys to being an effective communicator remain the same.

1-Curiosity: Successful PR professionals want to know why—along with asking all the other W’s. When they do, they apply the PR skills they learned in school and on the job. In the process, they are curious once again, wondering about outcomes and scenarios. 

2-Clarity: Insist upon it—in your thinking, in your writing, in understanding your role. It’s crucial to understand what it is that your client needs from you. 

3-Content: The industry will continue to see increasing alignment with content marketing. Content marketing has always been about using content to educate, engage, and deliver value to your audience. As that becomes a greater priority for PR, the two will need to work together more closely.