Raafay Israr’s latest music video and soundtrack ‘Wajah kia thi” creates a buzz!

Pakistani rising star Raafay Israr, known for his successful debut single ‘SAJNI’ and his spectacular live performances all over the country, has come out with a beautiful track ‘Wajah kia thi’.

The song is sung and composed by Raafay himself. The video features Noor Hassan and Azeekah Daniel. It has been directed by Syed Ramish and produced by Mahnoor Sheikh. This video has a very basic concept based on our society’s reality. It focuses on how status, caste, parents’ choices, egos, etc are often responsible for wrong decisions for life-partners. He has dedicated this song to all his fans who have been in a similar situation at some point in their life.”

Says Israr, “I usually plan a song and then the lyrics start to come naturally to me, but this song was unplanned. Wajah kia thi is a completely different song from what I have ever done before.” A sad, mellow song, it has been garnering amazing response all over media. He adds, “This song holds a very special place in my heart because I usually compose the song first and then make my friends and fans hear it. This time people heard it live on the guitar when a few months ago while waiting somewhere I was humming and strumming this song, not realizing that people around me stopped by to hear it. They immediately told me that this should be my next song, so that’s when I decided to work on it and began to compose it!”

It may be noted that Israr is a singer, songwriter and performer who launched his career in April 2018, with the hit song Sajni. He began singing and learned the guitar at a very young age and started performing in his school shows where he was mentored by the legendary Benjamin Sisters.

The video can be viewed on: https://www.instagram.com/p/B9Jp8sUp7co/

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