Sinosa Fahad Mirza


Karachi, April 22, 2021: Earlier today SCINOSA (Society for Children In Need Of Special Attention) Day Home announced Dr Fahad Mirza as their brand ambassador. The talented actor and plastic surgeon has joined hands with the institution to spread awareness for the need of building an inclusive society and supporting children especially suffering from Down’s Syndrome.

In a recent interview with Sahir Lodhi, Fahad stated, “Visiting the institution and meeting these special children was a life-changing experience for me, as I had a preconceived image of the place and its services. However, on my visit I was taken aback by the numerous activities being done by the students and the enthusiasm of the teachers. I am proud to be associated with such an organisation.”

SCINOSA is the oldest institution in the country providing hope, love, care and vocational training to children with Down’s Syndrome. The Society has since been helping special children with intellectual disabilities develop into fully functioning and useful individuals, to the best of their potential. Currently SCINOSA has 146 students, most of whom are dependent on donations for their admission and tuition fees, which are heavily subsidized by the institution.

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