Karachi, October 2, 2021: RINSTRA, Pakistan’s first short form digital media app launched by expatriate Pakistanis under the DICE umbrella, has launched a month-long digital campaign to create awareness about breast cancer.

The campaign includes a series of webinars featuring various stakeholders who will be speaking on breast cancer. The first webinar took place on October 1, and featured the cast and crew of Abhi Nahi, a play on breast cancer written and produced especially for Rinstra. The script was written by the iconic late Haseena Moin, herself a cancer warrior, and was the last play by her. The webinar was moderated by Misbah Khalid, director of the play, with the assistance of Shanaz Ramzi, CEO Starlinks PR. The webinar went live on Rinstra’s Facebook page. Two more webinars are scheduled for the months with oncologists and cancer warriors.

Share your inspirational messages/stories with others is another campaign, in which people from different walks of life will be leaving inspirational video messages with regard to breast cancer, on Rinstra’s platform.

Wear a PINK RIBBON campaign has been designed to show support towards the cancer warriors and fighters using the hashtag #rinstrabreatcancerawareness across social media. The first 20 participants wearing the ribbon and giving a shout-out in support of Breast cancer Awareness Month will get a gift package from Rinstra.

As part of the campaign, “Abhi Nahi” will be screened in different cities and institutes of Pakistan. The series is also available on RINSTRA’s website: https://rinstra.com/ and is due to be aired on TVOne later this month.

Come forward and share your story by uploading a video or wearing a pink ribbon using the hashtag #rinstrabreatcancerawareness on social media and get a chance to get featured on RINSTRA’s website and social media platforms.

For social media postings use the following tag and hashtag:
#rinstrabreatcancerawareness @rinstratechnologies

For further PR-related enquiries please contact the undersigned.

Turab Ali Ramzi
E: turab.ramzi@starlinks.pk
C: 03452085510